1900 Poems Poem by Eric Cockrell

1900 Poems

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1900 poems...
love letters written
in flesh,
with all the scars
and bruises in plain sight...
all the falling stars...

the thunder that came
without lightning,
lightning that came
without the rain...
broken shovels, broken rakes,
and a pen that betrayed...

1900 nails in the bridge,
1900 miles,1900 steps.
1900 seats at the table,
1900 dreams and desires!

a small fire,
we keep adding logs.
strangers come and go,
all wanting to get warm.

passing out bowls of stew,
and old worn blankets.
the night air is still,
the moonlight whispers....

we walk down to the water,
and see the reflections,
year after year, soul after soul.
all the same, yet all different...

fireflies testify to the darkness.
this long road nearly over...
leaving no footprints,
no scent, or markers...

1900 poems...
love letters written,
from the hollow place
back of your heart!

Dave Walker 01 May 2012

A great poem,1900 poems, I don't know where you get them all from. Every time I write one I alway think I won't be able to write another. I always manage to get one but sometimes it feels a lot harder. I've beem writing again for about nine months after about fithteen years off so I may get a better flow going. I hope so anyway.

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Captain Cur 09 May 2012

What happens at 2525, if poetry is still alive. Enjoyed your poem will be reading more of your work.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 30 April 2015

Lovely piece of writing. So glad to read it. Thanks.

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Heather Wilkins 24 August 2013

1900 poems amazing congratulations. not an easy feat. lovely

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Smoky Hoss 27 June 2012

Beautiful, and bountiful words... thanks for ALL the conversations along the way...

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Kaila George 26 June 2012

I have yet to reach that myself, (pats myself on my back) I have reached my 100, no small feat I must say, I really like how you made it look so easy to write each one flowing to the next stanz...(lol...first when I started here didnt even know what a stanz was...cough) but I like how it flows from one to the next, nice.

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Wahab Abdul 12 May 2012

beautiful poem , and congratulation for completing 1900 poems.....

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