A Buddha's Eternal Moment Poem by Eric Cockrell

A Buddha's Eternal Moment

Rating: 4.1

one lone rose
opened by the sun,
the faint memory of rain,
and the dark damp earth.

reaching to the sky,
petals yearning, at peace...
then, without regret,
wilting back into nothingness...

and no one saw!

Terence George Craddock 16 November 2011

beautiful, beautifully written, Buddha always reminds me of the Lotus. 10+ Caught for a time in foul swamp [Purity] I perceive the luminous lotus. Pure remote within its environs. (The Lotus retains an untouchable purity) .

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Saji G Praleyagiri 17 October 2017

Fine! The Legend, sacrificed life for human as I depict One such poem' Self Chained Man' may U read.Thank U for sharing thepoem.

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Ray Quesada 10 October 2012

this is great! one of my favorite poets on poemhunter said something where he compared men to flowers, blooming in the spring and then dying soon after...so i take it you have found inspiration in the story of the Buddha? if you get a chance, please read my poem, The River is Never the Same

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Diana Rosser 10 July 2012

Enjoyed the moment in this write of yours!

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Kevin Patrick 05 March 2012

Yep this is one of my favourites of yours. In less than thirty words you expose significant meaning with eastern philosophy. Great job

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Heyyou Boy 12 January 2012

A great write. Deep, with more meaning than than words. Outstanding poem

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