For Jack Kerouac

On the road, Jack.
Hit the road, Jack.

Follow his footsteps?
Walt Whitman.
He wrote songs for himself.

You wrote for a generation
who followed a drummer
with a different beat.

Critics didn't like your work.
But like you said, Jack,
critics tend to beat their meat.


Sat you on Desolation Peak
not for 40 days and nights,
but 63.

There you tried to zen it away
but it didn't happen.

So you drank
until you couldn't remember.


You succumbed to booze, Jack.

But the road goes on.

V H Ferguson 20 September 2009

A poem about one of my heroes! When I saw his name on your poem list, i just HAD to read it! Ah, On the Road, one of the best books ever written, i can see my copy - slightly worn from constant revisits - pride of place on my desk. Thank you for this poem, it's brilliant and so true. Poor Jack - but I'm sure he would have been so proud of this! . Long live the beat generation!

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Kim Wagener 10 November 2008

fantastic piece! thank you for sharing it

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Alison Cassidy 25 May 2007

You have captured the 'essence' of Kerouac in this wonderful stream of consciousness tribute to one of the greatest poets of the beat generation. An exceptional poem, Mr. Hughes. love, Allie xxxx

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