For Denis Joe

Wordsmith extraordinaire,
it would be a lesser world
without your waterfall of
words splashing over us.

Denis Joe O'Driscoll,
you faced your demon
and survived. Amen

Sue Ann Simar 11 April 2007

a poetry of good intentions. Sweet, and I hope you are right.

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Robert Howard 27 December 2007

Jerry, I join with you in praise of Denis Joe. I have learned a great deal from him both from his poetry and through correspondence with the man. Thanks for thinking of him. It's about time I dropped him a note. Robert

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Lee Degnan 12 August 2007

Beautiful tribute... and I can say now, way to go Denis Joe... you are working for a better life, and I am so happy you've chosen to... Thanks for writing this Jerry for such a great man and poet...and God bless you Denis Joe. Lee

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Alison Cassidy 12 April 2007

An eloquent tribute to an elegant wordsmith and a fine human being. How we miss him. Bless you both. love, Allie xxxxxxxx

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Esther Leclerc 11 April 2007

Go, Denis! And do come back... Esther xx

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Cj Heck 11 April 2007

Amen, Jerry. Denis is so much more than just an excellent writer. He's also a good friend to many of us. This is a proper and loving tribute to a great guy. Love, CJ

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