For Ridge

Young man,
you write so eloquently
I wondered
if you were born in
a different time and space.

A Chinese proverb goes
'the moving finger writes
and having writ moves on'
But tarry a while young man,
you have much to say.

Tony Jolley 27 January 2009

Hi Jerry, I like this enormously. I suppose we are all born in different spaces and times: uniquely our own, but sometimes, I guess, we may echo those who made us who we are. Youth and eloquence are not often seen walking hand-in-hand, though, I'll admit; I suppose because to carry 'weight' and depth of meaning there is need of a personal rather than vicarious experience that youth tends to be too short on years to possess...(especially if addressing those with considerably more age in the life-bank!) . The young man of whom you speak must be particularly blessed. Regards, Tony

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Nimal Dunuhinga 26 January 2009

What Alison said is perfectly correct Jerry as you became you again! Herewith I convey my loving regards for your promising health.

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Linda Ori 26 January 2009

I totally agree with you, Jerry. He's a fine poet, and yes, 'tarry awhile young man, you have much to say. And I suspect he has much more to say than we can ever imagine. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Linda :)

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