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For The Good Of All Mankind - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

So you are telling me that only reason we're in this situation is we were afraid of another country uncompetitive armistice?
That it really didn't even exist till very recently.
The after effect world war 2 syndrome so to speak.
Better us to rule all other nations then somebody else is our leaders flawed beliefs.
Defining good and evil not by acts of true atrocities among many of a people but any nation that does something that is not necessarily good for our nation.
This exceptional-ism has went way to far, needless we forget the lives lost close to home and abroad not of ours but of theirs.
How many innocents killed in this constant war time ratification?
Encircled in a neoconservative capitalist dictation.
For so many years history repeating its mistakes.
But oh but the orders must be done.
The crimes ignored for far to long.
What happens when our piper comes due?
Will they be a merciless as you?
Will millions die, and even more to be crippled by the very same chemical agents we used?
Justification for what?
The causalities of a never ending war some would say.
I'm sorry but that isn't good enough excuse.
We could have all prospered years ago as equals if it wasn't for leaders like you.
So paranoid of a kingdom that is already in ruin.
Let go of the old ways of business as usual.
Do not fear reprisal, for its certainly coming in all eventualities, if we do not change our direction, in both foreign and domestic.
All actions should have consequences, we are no longer the masters, they are no longer slaves of any creed.
For with our ever growing technology we have all been set free.
If you are blind to yet see it, open your eyes look at from the understanding of all humanity.
A lack of even a little compassion, a lack of even little empathy.
These are the crimes of spiritless world.
The wounds were not made over night, but a much longer duration of time.
Centuries, and years to come.
Oh what have we done.
A continuous beating of a child till it was perverted and converted.
Dare I say we went into the abyss for far too long, and I'm not sure if there will ever be any return.
The sad part was we warned repeatedly by many great men all alike and not very well liked.
Still we did not heed it.
We went on recklessly proceeding in destroying every moral foundation, with casual lies giving rise to even more insane declarations.
Now we are only starting to awaken, only now is the true history coming to light of the continuation of a very dark path traveled out of both fear and greed.
Change and hope indeed.
Are these two things even still possible?
Are we already falling off the cliff, not because we were pushed, but because we walked right off it?
A reasonable man chooses to die, before he gives in to the obscenities of others influence that he said he would never do.
A traitor of the worse sort.
Betraying your own beliefs, your own words like they never existed at all.
Hail to the man with no face, no emotion, no devotion.
Completely devoid of all the people.
Cowardice is yet another one of demons disguises.
Even as many still try to vilify.
How can they truly?
We have become the nazis of secret governments, in a secret coordination, with mass murder upon our hands over and over again.
Yet we are very numb to this very fact.
And in my opinion we are not reacting fast enough, and probably never will till it crumbles beneath our very feet.
How many will suffer to dethrone the seat that has already been seated?
Worse yet how many more will suffer at our own leaders hands before it is?
May god have mercy on us all and truly forgive.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Inspired by showtime series called the untold history of the United States. I think it is series every American should watch, to grasp why so many other countries hate us so much... We have done such terrible things, and to even this day we are still doing them.

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  • Unwritten Soul (11/2/2013 9:30:00 PM)

    If there is only a country in this world, and all agreements is one mind world dont have to face all broken pieces on her body..bombing, killing..just a soothing touch on her land...peace! _Soul (Report) Reply

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