Forget Not My Love Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Forget Not My Love

Rating: 5.0

Some memories are too distant
Their source is beyond this life,
My shore, the sky and the world all seem familiar
I feel that I have lived this life before,
I have loved you in many lives
The familiar bird of your love is in some other shore,
I have only this emotion to remind me of you
I have forgotten your other forms,
I cannot forget you my soul mate
As love alone remains preserved,
Some dreams are never meant to be forgotten
They remain to haunt our future,
Some emotions return with full vigour on dark & rainy days
I have a song attached to every such dream,
Years to come they will help me retrieve my emotions,
Every bird I see today seems familiar
What all scenes have floated down the river of time?
They float with their heads on the surface
We call them our memories
I cannot imagine a life without you, my love
Why do I feel so attached and sensitive?
When did I see you before in this life?
Where had you been among the crowd of faces?
In which other life had we been together?
As time moves on we have to separate
We have to pursue our own course
I promise to return when the clock strikes
When I qualify to deserve your love in return
Until then I will preserve my love within lines such as these.

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