Beauty In The Eye Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Beauty In The Eye

Rating: 4.9

Flying into the sky of my dreams
From the cage of life
You perch on branches & fields
Dainty bird that you are
While I am a spellbound statue
Staring at the world that you are, forever;

A flute of reed vibrant
With the music that you are
In this world’s stage;

A stem with thorns
Decked with the rose that you are
In the garden of love;

A harp with strings
Played by the nymph that you are
In a heaven of symphony;

A dropp of dew
On the lotus that you are
In a river of feelings;

A flame of hope
On the lamp that you are
In the darkness of ignorance;

A trail of footprints
Left by your delicate feet
On the sands of a desert;

A spot of blemish
On your dainty cheek
Radiant with the blush of beauty;

Time never married this world
Their child eternity is never born & will never die
But if at all my love for you be madness
In the wildest of your dreams
Let me revel in an asylum of memories
As long as I live
Neither time, space nor consent
Is a barrier before my love for you;

Break & break convention
World will be as how you want it,
Dream & dream forever
Love will be as how you feel it;

But where are you my playmate
From dreams of yesterday
Where are the memories to cherish?
You are a kiss on desire’s cheek
My heart’s lone languish
In a solitary life
Love is a reflection
On time’s mirror
Becoming infinite
In between yesterday & today;

While branches sway & leaves tremble
In the gust of cold wind,
The sky embraces the earth
By drenching it with rain
To hold the concert of ripples
On the surface of every puddle,
And the world shivers
Before the haunting music
Of thunder & lightning,
Once the storm is over
The sun will come out
From clouds which were once dark,
Until then, I will preserve my love
Within lines of verse,
While I keep repeating certain lines
In poem after poem
As reflections are never the same
In every mirror,
Like beauty in the eye of a beholder.

Nadine Mushcab 08 March 2011

The words just came fluently and it's such an elegant poem! I love the detailed description .. Keep on writing..very impressive =)

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Steven Federle 08 March 2011

Your imagery flows like a relentless torrent spring floods...You have a wonderful sense of poetry! I am so glad to have found your work. Steve

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Annabel Cruz 08 March 2011

lovely the use of repetition in the beginning, it sets a nice rhythm. However, the last stanza is my favorite...I feel like it can stand on its own as a separate poem. Nicely done! AC

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Elemchos Kratoz 09 March 2011

Great work it is profound 'Flying into the sky of my dreams' keep up the inspirational work for Sho! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Brandon Kosiarski 09 March 2011

i seen you commented on my poems so i thought i would return the favor. this poem is very good and so are all the others you are a great writer keep up th great work :)

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Avijit Mondal 22 July 2011

Ur ecstacy egged me on to send this comment. It is replete with ur utter pent. Ur age befits it rightly. U r talented. U have an end behind this poem. Anybody has noting to tell against this. Go on

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Allemagne Roßmann 10 July 2011

Break & break convention. World will be as how you want it, Beauty is not always what u see.Relishing it for a moment s only biological pleasure.Or may be poetic.True beauty needs be explored explored again and again trhough hearts.The only problem is that heart has its own defined convention.People cannot change its rhythms.Its on its own.Otherwise it is a machine.A good and poignant write.

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 09 July 2011

This poem is somehow full of love and great admiration. The beauty in the eye somehow could reveal almost every emotion inside that we sometimes fall into. Good poem. Like it.

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Abdallah Gamal 09 July 2011

Very nice poem, , That's awesome.. keep on writing.. u're talented :)

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D.J. Ray 12 April 2011

amazing keep it up

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