Freedom In Prison Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Freedom In Prison

Rating: 4.8

Where will I be, after years, in this uncharted sea of life
Who all will be my friends & what all my passions
What will remain of this world I see today
What painful memories will remain blurred
What image will time mould in me
What will be love’s language
In that unknown shore of time;

The sun will come out once the storm is over
The same love will remain
Which has followed me life after life,
Freedom of love has made me a prisoner of hope
And it is just for your love,
I am born again as a poet
To fill blank pages of a forlorn past,
My love for you is a torn page
Which floats in the idle breeze,
Though the dainty flower has withered away
My garden will bloom again;

Why do I keep writing like this about my love alone?
Why do I keep loving you, like this?
This love will cease to exist
If fulfilled in a single lifespan.

Jenny Gordon 12 March 2011

Fascinating....a prisoner of hope and free to love! Expressing the poet's ultimate keep writing forever, if possible, the succeeding generation picking up the pen and stream of communication where the last left off. Excellent depiction.

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Mohammad Muzzammil 12 March 2011

Nice poem with great thought. Man is, no doubt, a prisoner and he has to be confined till the death. The language in appealing and matter is great. I like it

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<3 Nom Nom Nom <3 12 March 2011

It is very deep and understanding. I like it :)

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Nadine Mushcab 12 March 2011

this is truly one of the most passionate poem i have ever read! ! ..loved it and i'm glad i took the time to read it..

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