Forgive Me Not Poem by Darrin McMiller Jr.

Forgive Me Not

Out of Shame
I walked a million miles
With no aim
At world's end
I leaned forward
Before I came around and returned to my senses

Foolish pride prevented me from taking a step back,
Into the awkward situation I created out of sin
Embarrassment kept me frozen in fear
Nerve defrosted me and burned a bridge

I'm proud my consciousness screamed loud
With no apology I took my first steps back
Away from the one that I wronged
I walked through the door
Without looking back
Not even a sorry, sorry was uttered
But I sincerely didn't mean it


Issam Hal 19 June 2012

i like the way the person walks his own style and go forward for his life waiting to discover and experience.

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Aastha Uppal 09 July 2010

indeed a very brave thing to say... forgive me not... not that easy to understand and to the top of it accept it that we were wrong.. and the guilt within oneself is bigger than any written or verbal apology.. poem directly from one's conscience.. great work! ! !

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Bella Hoeiriis 06 July 2010

I really do like this a lot. Mostly because I can compare myself with it. I've tried it, which isn't good, but things like this happen.

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