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Forgotten Humanity(Ft. Nader Baheri) - Poem by Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

As love improves man's humanity
Crime fosters his insanity
As we need humanity to survive
As the love is dead, we may die

As humanity being forgotten
we won't understand
which one is going to pain
forget it or forget that its being forgotten

Humanity down the main street
never gives you a greet
young guys born in lots of problems
the woes all of them may bosom
all they care about booze and drug
find a girl for temptingly kiss and hug

Down the main street humanity is worthless
for the guys never care about others bless
lots of problems with their poor fathers
never be touched by the tears of their mothers

No sign of humanity in their eyes
the young boys with the same size
does the government ever see these guys?

A life for them? a toss
they say we hate the riches
they never care about us

Addicted young boys doing burglary
for their drugs, making money
they use drugs as much as they can
for them drugs never going to be banned

If they wanted to be good
they could
as if they are in the darkest wood

Humanity down the main street is full
of fights, gangs and bangs
this is the humanity, to hang

no one cares if they are dead
shall we cut off their useless heads
no more mercy for their crimes
does any one give them his or her time?

Who cares if they are sick?
Who accepts if they are weak?
the very young boys at the age of fifteen
looks they have lots of sins

never be accepted by the universities
never finish their studies
no work, no job
so why do we wonder if they rob

to stand a humanity never try to compel
the guys prefer being in hell

oh humanity!
Is this the end of your line?
No I believe, a thing can save you
either poetry or its sign
An ablaze fall
For the humanity wall

Once it was like a truth
But now is the only thing that we lose

The thing that happens to others,
May become one day your own bother

So let us to act, and take the words,
This place a day will become a unique world!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Hi to all dear readers. hope you are doing fine.first of all, i should give my huge thanks to dear Nader because of his nice words. most of the poem is written by him and i just had added some humble lines to it.
Please help the humanity bu your comments and votes.we should save this diamond. humanity should shine like a sun in our lives.
Love and bless,
Ellias & Nader.

Comments about Forgotten Humanity(Ft. Nader Baheri) by Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

  • Nader Baheri (2/11/2013 7:53:00 AM)

    thank you Ellias.
    this work is really awesome.the idea belongs to you.and you lit the idea in my mind that down the main street in the poverties how can people keep the humanity and how can they act according to their heart not diong crime and do nothing to do with drugs.or is it possible to keep the light of humanity on in those condition? if you ask me dear Ellias it is possible although it is too hard.or we must keep trying.in those condition they have to fight for the life so how can they keep humanity.the guys have to put all the rules beneath their feet.

    If you ask me Ellias i will say the humanity is nothing to do with religions.we can live without religions but we can not live without humanity and we will die.
    but i believe that poetry will save the humanity.
    any way the lines you have added are supperb.yes our wonderful lovely world one day may become unique world.
    Godbless you~nb
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  • Unwritten Soul (1/30/2013 12:42:00 PM)

    Absolutely 10 from me, and absolutely a great collaboration work, i loved it..so meaningful and have a deep message to be heard and to remind self...We nowadays focus on our life and sometimes lack of what we should have for others, LOVE...we should love people and help people as it always great if we can change someone back to real life meaning, life is not just for us only..individually but life is beyond that..it bigger and life is where all live the life as whole, because everyone has a diamond in heart, to share with everybody...if we really see where we are now...i afraid we too ego to admit that we still lack of humanity, kudos for u both..loved it_Soul (Report) Reply

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