Fight For What? Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Fight For What?

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Bang…The bullet broke the silence of the lambs
It goes straightly to a pure heart of a child in a camp

Poof…an innocent body felt down
The gun was like a dirty crown

A waterfall of blood
Made red, the pure buds

Guns, the king! They can do lots of things
When they are burst to fire, we can hear ting...Ting...Ting…

They take the life, they kill the people
Without no mercy even to the Children feeble

A flesh innovation
That will destroy the entire nation

When there is a gun, people have the courage to take life and fight for something
But fight for what? A fight for nothing.

Life and existence of people is like a sweet chocolate
In their ideas, if it just taken, it would be sweeter, destroying and death is their mate

Nobody cries for the black crows
The dead bodies are in a row

Will destroy the children kiting

Will bring no might

So let's forget the all fights, let's live love and peace
Let's praise who died in the peace way, the people who we miss.

Regards to the peace.
Terry O'leary 09 September 2012

Excellent poem Ellias! Wonderful message...Unfortunately those who control the 'fight' let others fight for the material/power gain of the controllers... there is nothing humanitarian contained in their goals... just the contrary, sadly. Nevertheless you've done a great job... Terry

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Sina Farajzadeh 09 September 2012

Very brutal. Fight is brutal. But haven't you heard the saying Might is Right? Who knows? A sharp poem.

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Aung Si 10 September 2012

Wow! Great idea.I like this.

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Jon Terry 10 September 2012

Awesome piece here my friend, you are really punching out some great work recently! ! ! ! Peace Jon

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 11 September 2012

So let's forget the all fights, let's live love and peace! If all 'peace keeping countries' think this way, then the world will be a peaceful place!

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Bri Edwards 27 August 2013

silence of the lambs, to me, brings to mind a scary? and violent movie i watched, with that title. thus it seems inappropriate here....if you are familiar with the movie. otherwise, the phrase is quite nice. body felt down....make it fell down my friend. i have never owned a gun though i used to shoot a BB gun sometimes when i was young. it really was my brother's and it shot tiny copper? balls about the size of the o here. i was a conscientious objector to all wars in 1970 when i worked for two years in a civilian hospital (in u.s.a) instead of subjecting myself to the military draft (during vietnam war) . over the years i have continued to oppose, intellectually, war, but i would be lying if i said i think it is always wrong to go to war. and guns and other weapons are a part of war. it is true many innocent people may be injured or killed and much damage done during wars, but i believe that wars (some at least) can be justified to defend against evil, such as the Allied Powers did against the Axis Powers during World War 2. i believe i read that Gandhi wrote that he would use violence to defend his family against violence. why shouldn't a country defend itself against a violent attack from another country? or why shouldn't a group of allied countries unite to defend against (which would also involve offensive, not just defensive, actions) a country or group of countries which threaten(s) security? ? ? evil people or people acting for evil people, like Hitler, are killed, not just innocent people, during wars. if i could do away with all guns (and other weapons) which are used against humans (against other animals is another story) i would do it. what do you, Captain A, and you readers, think about guns used by police? thanks for listening. and thanks for sharing poem and comments. bri :) peace to you (but at any cost? ?)

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Terry O'leary 05 October 2012

Excellent poem... beautiful message... Love it! ! ! Terry

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Terry O'leary 05 October 2012

Excellent poem... beautiful message... Love it! ! ! Terry

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Nader Baheri 14 September 2012

so brilliant. But lets say (FIGHT SO WHAT) ? as long as human being exists war exists too and the only victims are innocent people. Mucha Gracias

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Captain Cur 13 September 2012

A great poem Ellias. Guns and sophisticated weaponry will be the end for all of us. So write of peace and peaceful solutions to our problems. Keep your ideals lofty and your goals high.

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