Poor Frogs. Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Poor Frogs.

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The story of Poor Frogs:

Once there was a lake that was the haven of the frogs
Frogs which were bothered by the snakes and the dogs

They were eaten by the snakes; the snakes were hunting that lake
And the frogs had no way out to save themselves, satanic snakes.

But there was still a way, White storks!
Yeah, in their ideas the storks will work…

Storks started to hunt the snakes, they hunted them all
And the frogs were happy, and they saw the snake's fall

But……...the time isn't loyal to no one
And it was the time for the Frog's run

Soon there was no food for the hunter white storks
The storks decided to eat the frogs with their forks

In our life, sometimes we will face with some cases
The cases with different people and different faces

We still don't know who will hurt us, our friends or the enemies?
Enemies will bring us down, our the friends will bring us down on our knees?

Hi to all dear readers. I hope you enjoy this work

I ask you all to answer the question that is at the end of this poem

Thank you so much.
Ruth Fumble 09 October 2012

wow... nicely written Ellias :) good job my friend

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Terry O'leary 13 October 2012

With enemies, we should be forewarned... with 'friends' we sometimes are caught unawares... Terry (good poem)

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Nader Baheri 13 October 2012

first of all i would like to say it is so brilliant.what a nice idea. i believe u r right. some times we faced the enemies but we have to care our backs cause the one who are going to stab us from our backs sometimes is one of our friends. the best friends of us sometimes may be our enemies. tnx for sharing

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Unwritten Soul 16 October 2012

I know the answer, who will hurt us friend or enemy, both can hurt us in different angle and shot but the most terrible thing is we can get hurt by ourself..self...because we decide a thing and that will make a different. If we fall we will stand tall again if only we wnat to wake up, need to be independent without friend and enemy..but surely true friend is worthy...will not try to hurt you...but opportunist friend will always take advantage over you_Soul

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Eindaray Kyaw 18 October 2012

A nice message gently came through my mind....I enjoy your example story In our life....nothing is unpredictable..everything can change within moments without much expect.. Great job___I enjoy this!

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Bri Edwards 25 June 2017

Ellias, i'm putting this into my/our July 2017's 'showcase of and for PH poets'. i have changed my format and now can use poems of any length. this month's showcase is (almost) exclusively composed of poems by male members of PH. i hope you are well in all ways. regards to the family. bri :)

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Edward Kofi Louis 01 May 2016

They hunted them all! ! As we see in the society today. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bri Edwards 13 October 2013

howdy ellias, i loved the lines: Soon there was no food for the hunter white storks The storks decided to eat the frogs with their forks not only do the lines have a great rhyme, but it is also (to me) funny to use the word forks (i wonder if the storks had knives as well? spoons?) , and the poem also demonstrates how situations can change so quickly from bad to good to bad etc. but i think the frogs were deluding themselves if they ever really thought the storks were frog-friends. people should, for peace of mind, i think, have faith that their friends won't hurt them. people should also be wary of the actions of their enemies. BUT, as some others have said, it is possible to be hurt by friends (hopefully not purposely) . sometimes the hurt caused by a friend is for the good. the hurt from an enemy is more likely to be a REAL HURT. i mean like a broken leg or a burned down house! thanks for sharing. unfortunately it seems that a lot off damage is now done to frog populations unwittingly by humans. : ( bri

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Kanav Justa 07 December 2012

So true..... in life its hard to judge whoz who

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Payal Parande 07 November 2012

true past we lived future we want to live but present we are living but still there are many surprises yet to come a great story from a lovely poet ... thank you for sharing love payal

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