I Meet You In Dreams Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

I Meet You In Dreams

Rating: 4.3

Dreams as green as the jungles of ilex
And the hands of happiness come for us
We sink in our laughs, when we feel the light

I meet you in dreams
Dreams with pure white clouds
We will see that abyss light and humanity
When we see each other, when the truth is being

I meet you in dreams
Dreams of a lightly city with a black calm sky
And then I listen to the sounds of stars
When I feel they miss the moon

I meet you in dreams
Dreams of Acacine, when they stand in front of the winds
When the birds start to sing their songs of life
Is the time that I think sun is alive

I meet you in dreams
Dreams of the coming spring,
When I see myself in the transit saloon,
When I see your warm faces in the mirror of my eyes.

I meet you in dreams
Dreams of the long patient
Rose flowers died in my hands...
Because they are tired of waiting

And I meet you in dreams
Dreams of a simple answer
Dreams of luck
And dreams of a real meeting

I love meeting you in reality! Please come!

Well, this poem relates to the poem named ' Guests, where are you dears? (one of my poem) i am still trying to invite a guest for this new year vacations.
Terry O'leary 15 March 2013

What a Beautiful Dream... Dreams sometimes come true! Nice work Elias...Terry

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Unwritten Soul 13 March 2013

In a dream you dreamed but a dream to be a reality for a guest i am sure is coming up...Dont mess your head with this dear, i will try helping you...dear, readers who wanted to visit great places in Iran, come tell to him and he has something big to share and tell...surely it wont cost you as you thought just pleasuring one moment in life....sorry a promotion is my task maybe hahahaha_Soul

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Graham Thompson 07 September 2014

You do not need the lat line - you already said it in many ways. Never try and complete a poem. Better to leave the reading hanging - difficult one to learn that - I am still trying......

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Poetheart Morgan 06 April 2013

OH! Poet, has an extra room in your house? ? ? ? I'll meet you on your dreams too. Impressive Poet.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 16 March 2013

Oh my a dreaming wishy freeverse written in an impressive way. Endearing for all readers.

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Nader Baheri 16 March 2013

Ellias i think you are an open hearted guy.that your heart can overwhelmed everything.and this hospitality is so nice of you. i know you want to sahre and spread the humanity. i agree with Terry dreams may come true but if it doesnt happen i will shake your hand calmly and wish you the best and happy face in this new year. so please be happy because you are a kind hearted guy and there arent many people like you in the world.and keep it even anyone accepts your invitation. Godbless you~nb

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Dave Walker 16 March 2013

A fantastic poem. really like it.

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

Ellias Anderson Jr.

Iran, Islamic republic of
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