Found My Missing Piece Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Found My Missing Piece

I should I shouldn’t
I should I shouldn’t
maybe I should wait for a cupule days
no I don’t know what I should do anymore
I don’t love Jeremy never have
I have always loved mason
that is what I think about as I sit in the old hotel hallway

a gentleman walks up to me and softly says Mam could I help you
no sir
I’m afraid you can’t
no one can

as he left the lights in the hallway exposed my soul
that he was taking with him
I felt as if I couldn’t breath
I couldn’t speak
I couldn’t walk away
but as he walked away so did my soul
but as soon as mason turned the corner he stopped
within his tracks

I tried to walk forward to
meet your loving arms
and within my soul mates arms I regained
my soul back because when one soul needs another
they are unbreakable together

as I am laying in my soul mates arms
he gases into my eyes
climbing the mountains into my imagination
and said
I love you more then anything in the world
and you are the most incredibly beautiful woman
there is in this world
I’m so glad baby
I’ve found the missing piece of my heart

Mrs. Cynosure

Mrs. Cynosure

Junction City Oregon
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