Are You Jealous? * Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Are You Jealous? *

Rating: 4.5

Waking up in the morning,
Getting ready for the day,
You wish you were me.
Listening to his soft voice,
Telling you Baby I don’t hate you,
Don’t you? You do, I know it’s true.
Don’t you lie to me.

You wish it was you he was calling,
Just to say hi.
But it’s my number he is dialing,
Every night,
Yet, you wish it was yours.
Only my man can drive a woman that crazy,
Without even trying.
This is one of the many reasons,
You can’t stand to talk to me,

When he’s writing letters of love,
Do your eyes water with tears of jealousy?
Hey we have something in common mine water too.
Of knowing you still want him but guess what I have him,
I have him for you,
I have him wrapped around my little finger!

So go head be flirtatious with my man,
Tell Saint he is the best,
I don’t care,
Because at the end of the day,
He is still mine.
You’ll still be wishing he was yours.
This will still put a smile on my face and,
Tears in your eyes.
Now tell me are you jealous?

Anjali Sinha 30 December 2008

hey dont u worry Becca--you r the best Saint is yours always a lovely siloloquy -10 anjali

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totally disturbed 30 December 2008

Nope, I thought I was then I came to my senses he's not worth it. Plus he wrote many love poems to me also... take care Wendy

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Sierra Love 30 December 2008

Haha this poem is lucky. & you sound like a very lucky woman to have such a nice man. = ] (one thing though...You said you have him 'raped' around your finger....might want to put 'wrapped'....other wise this poem was awesome)

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Stacey Watts 30 December 2008

Nope and absolutely not... Wow what a poem.. It is clear concise and brilliant as always.10

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Great and yes lol.. I like this poem very nice KRISTA

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Ravi Kopra 18 July 2020

A hindi/urdu translation of st stanza so k subah uthee hoon kaam ko jaanay k liyay tyaar hoti hoon tumhari khawaaish hoti hai tum mere jaisay ho uski meethi awaaz suntay ho jo kehti hai tumain: meri baby main chaahta hoon tumain nafrat karta nahin kabhi tumain tum karti ho muje? haaN karti ho naaN yeh such hai. jhooth bolna naaN muj se kabhi.

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Connie Leigh Lindsay 22 June 2009

Ok you have got to tell me this story! I really want to know now.I love the poem.It made me start smiling because that is how I feel with my man.He is a big flirt but I know that it is just me in his life.

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Linda Weischedel 31 May 2009

Very well written, good job.

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Dr Yogesh Sharma 23 March 2009

this a is very natural feeling. excellent writeup.very well done.

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Keith Hendrickson 09 January 2009

i dont think i read this one yet but im glad i did. another great piece.

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