Every Walk Of Life* Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Every Walk Of Life*

Rating: 4.9

From every walk of life
One a child just wanting to play games
And making funny faces to make everyone laugh
One a young adult maybe of 20
Showing her beauty to the world
With every stride of her black high heals
One a gentlemen writing of his charismatic ways
Passing the miracle of poetry on to
Anyone his words color the taste of
a magician which he surly is
The other a bit more aged and
Seasoned within life’s steak
Trying to teach the children even at
The bottom of her pool of life
That without an education you are nothing
Will be noting and can be nothing
Not only in her eyes but nor in any one else’s

Each telling a story within their unique way
Maybe in the innocent smile he brings to your face
The drawings of chalk that will just be erased in the rain
Maybe in the way she walks along the path of ambition
The gliding motion that clicks with every impulse
To have all the world desires her to have
But knows she has only what she has
Her black high heals
Or maybe in the writing of an unselfish poet
That writes for his many readers not for himself
And the filtering needs of his overflowing mind
And maybe even someone that shows us in a very different way
Within the lines on her face
The stories we long to hear that she tells

Each giving something to the world
One his future so brightly lit
With fresh colors of innocents
But only a dimmed light shows the path he will take
One with her black high heals to guide her
Gives only the flicker of an eyelash to the world
With an empty mind and careless soul she tells no story of wisdom
Another his words of wisdom and self assurance
Float onto the golden paper to welcome his wand of mystery
He shows you are more then what everyone sees in you
You are his reader and without you he would just be a man

With every walk of life there is
A beginning and an end
A start and a finish
A story to tell and one to listen to
Something to give and something to take
The proof is within the wrinkles of an old woman’s face
Because every walk of life has
A start to start and a finish to finish

Saint Cynosure 25 October 2008

Very well put, can it be remembered is the big question... but it is very well put and it deserves high marks...

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 04 November 2008

Beautiful poem, especially last stanza is very impressive and thoughtful.

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Boris Barron 05 November 2008

I read your poem Im speechless....Nice!

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Anjali Sinha 05 November 2008

lovely poem yeah the last stanza is very thoutful thans for sharing +++10 loves anju

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januel l 26 December 2008

this is great, i like your writing

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Chitra - 30 November 2008

well expressed with thought provoking messages!

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Egi David Perdana 08 November 2008

the new ways good poem

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C T Heart 06 November 2008

With every walk of life there is A beginning and an end something to give and something to take...............great lines here. a 10.

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Aijaz Asif 06 November 2008

thought provoking lovely write indeed with lots of well penned messages...thanks 10+

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