Free But In Prison* Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Free But In Prison*

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I know that we are
Lab rats... Ginny pigs
We are people who are being tested
Experimented with
For what might happen in the future
Or will happen
For they are in the past

As the full moon rises
Up into a black starry sky
The moon is as if it was the end of a funnel
Where the light shines brightly
As if we are looking into another universe
For there is their flaw
For nothing is perfect
Not even the future we live in

We think were free and we are
In our country
In our world
In our universe
We are
We are free

But as they look down
To the clear glass globe
That fits securely in their hands
They laugh
For we call it earth

But all we are lab rats
That think were free
But really are
In a glass globe that we call
“The land of the free”
Ha ha how free can we really be

Yet some people still believe
That we are the only life forms
Out there
But the truth is that
We are held imprison
By someone else’s power

Sylvia Chidi 24 December 2008

Interesting concept which I enjoyed.

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Sebastine Humaemo 14 December 2008

soo cute.....loved the way you penned it.....regards sebastine....

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Mrs. Cynosure

Mrs. Cynosure

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