Because Of Him Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Because Of Him

Rating: 4.3

Still fumbling for words
Though the tears of the hurt and the pain of
My heart tearing into pieces

Because of you
I’m tired of fighting this up hill battle
But when you’re holding her now
I’m still standing here
You don’t see me in distress
You still think I’m happy were just friends
It’s like I’m bleeding internally from you stabbing my heart
From knowing that I’m not what you want
I’m losing at this game that you are winning at
I loose every time because I am no longer able to win
You make this so
When you holding her hand
When you’re kissing her undeserving lips
I fumble for words again trying to show you
How deep the right girl has feelings for you but you are too blind to see
But people who can see in the day are blind in the dark
But the people who are blind in the day
They are the ones who have the clearest outlook at life within their dreams
I am blind during the day from the tears I cry
Then at night I can see though the tears in my dreams
I dream a dream of only you loving me
In these dreams she does not exist
This dream is almost perfect until the black evil ghosts
I try to hide but always seam to come out at the worst time
They make you see the side of me that is a horrible person
A person that her heart is dark with dirty blood
Of all the times she’s died
The rays or sunshine are like the smiles you used to put on my face
They all come and go
In the great morning light here I go again thinking
If I step out the door I hide my feelings behind for so long
I’ll change your mind or sneak into your heart
But that would be like shooting the president and thinking
You’ll get away with it

Rachel Butler 10 October 2009

The rays or sunshine are like the smiles you used to put on my face Rachel Ann Butler

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Sierra Love 24 December 2008

Truely captivating! I love how you say people who are blind during the day can see through their dreams. Lovely.

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Saint Cynosure 03 November 2008

This is really good, I will keep it as a favorite...

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bombdiggitty princess ! ! ! 31 October 2008

oh this is a really good one...9/10 esily

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