Mrs. Cynosure Poems

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Sex Without Love

A pleasure we do out of love for the other person
We our sharing the sexual experiment with
When the innocent become the intimate

Did I Deserve It? *

You come in, sit on my bed,
Telling me you’re sorry,
Over and over again,
For another night that you dread.

Because Of Him

Still fumbling for words
Though the tears of the hurt and the pain of
My heart tearing into pieces

(it’s Not) To Everyone Under 18

“You’re doing it wrong! ”
“You can’t do anything right! ”
Echo’s through your ears once more.
Coming with is tears that try to exit your eyes.

Crazy Nights*

You just don't relies how greatly I do care
Or maybe you do
I want to tell you things I shouldn't feel or that's what they say
I can bight my tongue

Another Day*

The sun is finally shining, warming my skin,
The horses are poking their heads out of the barn,
The snow has lifted, revealing green grass,
The ground still frozen, ice still on the pond,

Are You Jealous? *

Waking up in the morning,
Getting ready for the day,
You wish you were me.
Listening to his soft voice,

Every Walk Of Life*

From every walk of life
One a child just wanting to play games
And making funny faces to make everyone laugh
One a young adult maybe of 20

Friendship And Love

Friendship is love
Love is friendship
Have one when you don’t have the other

Evil Fire Inside Me*

Crackle, pop, the wood that fuels the fire snaps
It falls to the bottom of the pit
Where I can again hear the coals sizzle
With my desire

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