Did I Deserve It? * Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Did I Deserve It? *

Rating: 4.9

You come in, sit on my bed,
Telling me you’re sorry,
Over and over again,
For another night that you dread.

My screaming eyes still stinging,
From all the betrayed tears I can’t cry.
You saying that it hurts you,
More then it hurts me to strike your fist against my skin.
Only if that was true,
But my soul speaks the truth,
Your lies speak none of.
Telling me it won’t happen again,
It happens over and over again,
I know this of truth.

My flesh may not be black and blue but,
My body is secretly broken and bruised,
My heart cut into yet another piece.
You can not see the scars on my skin,
For you leave no marks,
Unless its on my heart.

You are crying you say,
Out of guilt.
With one more push that knocks me down,
Then comes the size 8 shoe,
Because I don’t stay the right things.
At the time where I have just been,
Hurt so badly I cant stand up.
Yep this might mean another hospital trip,
I plead for you to stop.
Please no please I forgive you! ! !
I love you please stop! ! !

I lay there limp thinking,
Did I really deserve it this time, Mom? ? ?

Ency Bearis 29 November 2008

a poignant verses..well expressed and written well..great piece...A 10 Ency Bearis

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Chocolate Bunny 30 November 2008

This was so real and sad. It was written well. I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. You are an amazing writer.

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Ridge Cahill 30 November 2008

Very well done - as I read I thought a man, only to find the mother. Excellently how the I was set on one thing only to realize another. I liked it very much.

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Anjali Sinha 01 December 2008

first i thought a man so sad to know t'was your mom-- great write Crystal regards anjali

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Thad Wilk 01 December 2008

Ahh you had me there til the 'size 8 shoe' Crystal! ! Awesome write! *10*! ! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad

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Barry A. Lanier 22 February 2009

Very emotional portrayal of the abuse so many endure...yet pain shared diminishes....

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pied piper 31 December 2008

This is a very bitter piece, but well penned. Parents can be tough to take at times. They can so easily hurt their children in so many ways, but experience has taught me that the worst of wounds and scars can mend when dealing with the heart. Though the journey is never an easy one. Well done.

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Little Hatila ;) 29 December 2008

'My heart cut into yet another piece. You can not see the unseen scars on my skin, ' very touching and very sad.....10 Hataw

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VEER the ultimate boy 23 December 2008

actually dear i wanna reply the poem in some otherway but cant as after read the poem i got such imotional that i cant do anyhting in this moment.... really great

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pied piper 21 December 2008

A heart breaking read, but well penned.

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