Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

Free Play - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Jack frost's cold core shall surely thaw away!
Bask maskless steer reflections from today
to find way which both mends, ends compromise,
remaining optimistic come what may.

When timing rhymes share, care, with air sublime
free from all artificial mirthless mime
there limitless stretch cerulean skies
emancipated from false pantomime.

Though silent snowflakes hush both man and mouse,
white mantle donned by garden, path and house,
helter skelter crystals soon shall melt
for seasons spin, thaw hoar in rhymed carouse.

When light returns to comfort spirit sight,
when dreamed delight replaces senseless spite,
serenity within sings gently, felt
where sun dissolves cold snowbound oversight.

Refuse life spent amongst the living dead,
whose wanton souls too introverted, fed
just from lamenting their 'unjust' harsh fate,
feel bitter fruits in future lie ahead.

No longer languish, mark majestic morn
transforms each ugly duckling to swan sworn,
autonomy admitted as clear goal
to light soul whole at last may be reborn.

From winter wonderland fresh hope uncloses
as New Year offers confidence one knows is
cue to renewal healing heavy heart,
from crysalis apart true joy discloses.

Spring lungs inhale, absorbing Nature's scent,
while winter's sleep-weep sweeps away, scope sent
from hibernation freed, to birth new day,
through growth within spring's blooms more represent.

May patience follow woes and hollow hide,
may spirits soar embracing warm world wide,
hallowed halo shines as false fears fade,
mind sloughs rough sin skin, shards shed, set aside.

Life's stainless reign, not [d]rain vain vale of tears,
or time-trap tapping energy that steer
uncertain track back, forwards, against dice stacked,
yet, challenge met, stress fretwork disappears.

If soul can't suffer outside mortal sheaf,
no need to overcompensate for grief
in haste waste chase replacing senseless ends,
with spring's return, spurn cold, bold turn new leaf.

Prepare fresh phoenix flight from embers, ash,
anticipation of renascent flash
relief from trouble, torment signifies
wheel spins so seize the day, bind no grind gnash.

Sun, moon, hell, heaven, black-white, night and day,
each mirrors each to teach life's interplay
depends upon perceptions which evolve
to solve prey pay, dissolving grey, free play.

(30 January 2009)

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 4, 2013

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