Freedom Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


Rating: 4.4

I heard the crackers bursting during midnight hours,
They said, I was free..
The beautiful moment to be cherished
And to be celebrated everywhere!
The grandeur all around engulfed my soul,
With flags proudly fluttering in the darkness,
And bugle sounds boasting with their majestic expressions..
I smiled and put my hands up..
Chanting the patriotic hymns
And the other me inside, shrieked and screamed!
I felt drowning myself into deep ocean waters,
As the inner spirit wondered,
What was freedom all about…..
Was it liberty from anarchy?
Or was it peace all around..
Could the whole world smile with the morning sunshine?
Or did brotherhood prevail within mankind!
Had oppression been subdued
And we yelled with deepest joy?
Or was it equal thoughts
For you, me and all of them,
Eating, living, loving happily ever after?
No gunshots and missiles reigning now
And we all could light up the torch of liberty together?
Suddenly I heard another loud blast nearby,
Thereby shattering my scattered fantasy,
And escaped from the grasp of death in the ocean-bed!

It was dawn…
I knew, I wished,
Dreams of dawn could turn real..
And waited since then, and still on and on…
My blurred vision looking for true freedom..
To rejoice on the special day of independence,
My wounded heart and soul,
Longing for its advent,
Every tomorrow!

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Matthew Peterson 19 September 2012

I love this. It brings me peace. There is much struggle here, and I appreciate that

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Patricia Grantham 26 July 2013

A fantastic and glorious write my friend. Freedom always comes at a very high price. The cost of lives lost, families destroyed, moral decline and countless others. We must all rally to the call for freedom for we are all in this fight together. A very inspiring write. I would like very much for you to read my poems Salute to Soldiers and Peace.

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Rumi Roy 05 December 2012

Freedom..the word itself sends goosebumps..but have we really achieved it? Is the world at peace? Big question indeed. Terrific thoughts dear poet. Keep on gifting us :)

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Ketan Hukare 05 October 2012

Vande Mataram! ! ! ! ! Great peace

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Ruth Walters 20 September 2012

Interesting poem, well written, descriptive and opening the eyes of others too.............well done

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Matthew Peterson 19 September 2012

Check out my poem, 'a freedom defined by itself'

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