Happy New Year Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

Happy New Year

Rating: 4.6

It was a new year eve,
As I drove through the lit up streets,
Glowing, illuminated, happiness unbound
With a festive aroma all around!
Wishes poured in lots
Grabbing the midnight hours
With colourfully dressed people
Giggling, laughing, rejoicing
Drunk and merry
With shining expressions and glory.
My mind was just ready
To reach my destination
And sink into the cheers aloud,
Looking to go insane,
As I heard a knock on the window pane.
And there he was,
A little boy with a smiling face.
With torn clothes as he wore
Wishing me the merry advent
Of another year afresh,
Longing to revel
With the coins on his palm,
Making me wonder and realise,
The happiness of life,
Within a hungry stomach!
And as I walked along,
Holding his trembling hands,
My soul heartily celebrated
That eternal moment,
Wishing a very Happy New Year.

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 22 September 2012

Our poor fellow Indians have suffered a lot for many generations! what have we done to them, except exploiting them! a thought provoking poem!

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Sridatta Gupta 22 September 2012

the new year is long way but could feel the merriment. Good narration of a story through the flowing rhythm of ur verse

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Pauline Miller 22 September 2012

A wonderful story Indranil about a little boy who could laugh in the face of hunger and still celebrate life.

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Neela Nath Das 24 September 2012

New year has got here a new meaning, awakening of soul, a sudden flash of happiness to make one happy.

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Rituparna Sen 28 June 2013

What can I say..Lines which touched my heart.. and made me weep.

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Rumi Roy 09 January 2013

What a heart touching poem i. Never thought of it from this angle for all those poor people while we rejoice! Hats off!

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Kishor Pathak 05 January 2013

Such a wonderful message sir..Amid of sizzling celebrations no one bothers about other pain move on with their own lives. magnetic style of conveying message, writing and beautifully woven words.

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Bob Brown 05 December 2012

A thought which deserves an applause. Loved the way you depicted the night of celebration and made the poor soul smile even in poverty. Yes, a wish that filled my soul...Happy New Year

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Sneha Jawaharya 17 October 2012

the painful situation is very well expressed.

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