Freedom Poem by suja nair


If there was something I could do,
If Someone somewhere could do something,
Just stop all this, this guns and fires,
This sound of crying and shouting....

We are independent, we are free,
Is this freedom, I ask my self,
Is this what our great leaders fought for,
They gave up their lives, to get us freedom...

Why is it that, we still fight, among ourselves,
With our neighbor, What is freedom, From what is freedom
The solders at the border, guarding our country,
Even after years of independence, Lose their lives...

Many brave men are gunned down, the innocent is also not spared,
What can be done to educate human, what is that they dont understand
Dont they have any feelings for human,
Do we believe they love their motherland
Is that why they wage wars and kill

The questions are numerious, unanswered,
Sad, Feel sad for those perterbed mindes,
Who feels, freedom comes from killing others,
How can God tolerate all this, How can god answer for this
At times I ask myself, Is it a game god is playing.....

Who is to be blamed for all the misery
The human race is facing, going through,
Who can answer the questions in the innocet eyes,
Who can understand what goes on in their minds

Life is unsafe for many, in many parts of the world,
There is chaos every where, I pray to god
Give them the strength to face their situations,
Give them the Love and blessings of the supreme hand.

Geetha Jayakumar 16 August 2013

Beautiful poem Suja, this poem full of inspirations...loved reading it.

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Gajanan Mishra 16 August 2013

give them love and blessing, good write, thanks Suja nair, I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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