Freedom In Cage Poem by yashar rezaeipour

Freedom In Cage

Rating: 3.6

In A Desert, The Wind Arrived A Teasel.
The Teasel Asked Him
How Can I Become Free Like You?
The Wind Laughed In His Sleeve And Told
First, Try To Bear The Pain Of Homelessness And Vagrancy
Then Be Patient And Wait.
The Freedom Comes To You Himself.
Then He Mumbled In His Heart
Cage Of Every One Is As Big As His Dream Of Freedom!

Jasbir Chatterjee 24 March 2006

As human beings, we all have our jails; some are big while some are small and till we die, we all have to carry our crosses. They may be big or small. What I mean to say is that freedom is only relative and while we are alive, we can only struggle and try to make the burden lighter, that's all.

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Prasanna Kumari 13 September 2006

this is a very good have linked the pain of homelessness to is very is just like the kite.once the string is broken, the kite will not go up, it will lose its way

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Sandra Fowler 02 October 2006

Very touching and eloquent. We are always free in the landscapes of our minds. Write on, Yashar. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Patricia Gale 25 November 2006

Very interesting piece, well thought

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Lungelo Mbatha 25 November 2006

excellent peace of work! i love it, bro!

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Alookh (matin) 21 August 2013

i think the last line was very very deep and thoughtful...i liked ur poem... :)

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Pia Andersson 07 October 2007

Excellent writing You must write with a golden pen The words love you. 'Cage Of Every One Is As Big As His Dream Of Freedom! ' How true but how difficult for us to live up to Wishing you joy Pia

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K K 06 April 2007

Very moving poem. If we allow our mind to be free then we will be too. Very nicely done. KK

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Achilles Vas 31 March 2007

This a short yet powrful one...are you really amature or you are just posting poems now? ? ? Anyway its great work yashar

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Catastrophe King 08 March 2007

I wonder - why is it only at rank 454 today? Should it not have been higher up in the pedastal? This is a masterpiece of its sort.... the mastery reflects in every line... the imagery stands-up in every word to reflect the theme of the poem!

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