From Father To Son Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

From Father To Son

Poison on the tongue
Evil from thy lungs
As the man tell his son
The truth that has been hidden for so long

I watched in horror
As I sat next to them in the restraunt
What this man might say might put this boy in sorrow
For what he has to say might impact alot

I sat and ate silently
I shouldn't be listening, I thought regretfully
The man started to whisper
Finally throughout the long conversation, ends with a whimper

He says, 'I am not your biological father.'
'But I still your father in heart and soul.'
'And I forever love you, for you are my home'
I flinch thinking how is this truth so cold

I imagine a spear
Cover in vemon of a posionious snake
Entering his heart as he hear
Learning that his father is a fake

I can't imagine what my father
Say those things to me
For I been through so much in my heart
This would surely break apart

Arrows of lies pour out of his mind
He ask, 'Have I been living a lie? '
The father shook his head
'No your real father did.'

I imagine how many wounds
Will be inflicted by these arrows
I was born in my mother's womb
These arrows filled with cruelty, hurt me

At last the vines that tangle him forcefully
Has fallen apart
The father stood up silently
His words gloomy, 'Let's talk at the park'

As they leave
I heard the word 'Irony'
I turn to see my father's gloomy eyes
Staring at me, face filled with sadness
I knew what was coming


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