Having Shame Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Having Shame

Best friend why you are so down
Believe you are dirt lower than ground
My friend what stopped your river of happiness
Because have your shame brought you sadness

Even I shed tears for your pain
For I understand what is like to be in shame
Why you bury your emotions?
Let them free to make expressions

But ignore me you did, the further you dig
The colder your heart gets
To place the shame the world did
The more darkness your candles will lit

Be at ease
For the your friends and I cease
To exist in your mind
Change what is done or we will be confined

My friend you have peole around you
Stop bringing rain to your soul
For it will make it wet with sadness
For made it worst with the shame you brought in

But I fear for you
The deeper you dig inside your heart
The more happiness you will set apart
The world have ruined your heart

You believe the world doesn't save you
For you once knew
Is changing
To a world of cruelity

Your 'world' is ruined
Your shame is for it
Not being strong enough
The world today have you weakened

The deeper you dig
The deeper your hole gets
Once it over flow with your tears
You drown in it I fear

You dig to hide your shame
Don't let the world today make your heart lame
You have friends to help you carry the burden
For we are here to hold you with it


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