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From The Womb Of Fire, A Time Of Reprisal (12)

Rating: 5.0

Mavros, the first dweller of this earth, lone
Warrior born from the fires of chaos, scarred,
Burned by lava rock, his meteor eyes shone
With crushing intelligence, footed for war,
Exemplified by every circling star;
Rivers and forests lain prone, life saturated,
Counting ages, mingling time, understood
The dreadful silence of the coming flood
That would tint the oceans with all of mankind's blood.

A time of reprisal, a triumph for evil
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Sunday, January 31, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: dragon,story,man,war,time
From The Womb Of Fire, A series of poems about the adventures of Mavros, a black dragon.
Varsha M 31 January 2021

If i have understood well your poem...you talked about the beginning eith mavros...and the way you used the fire and lava is ecplicit.

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Dr. Antony Theodore 01 February 2021

But love survives beneath a tattered veil When clarity of thought softens the mind. Where does the true gem of compassion hide? a great poem indeed. tony

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David Wood 01 February 2021

You have a brilliant way with words, a real eorddmith.

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Diane Hine 01 February 2021

An indictment on our war torn world. Is this blighted landscape where we're heading? I like the note of hope at the end. A great series! ng

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Kostas Lagos 31 January 2021

Your poems make me imagine a world full of dragons...creepy

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Varsha M 31 January 2021

Your closing composition is beautiful. But love survives beneath a tattered veil When clarity of thought softens the mind And oft one thinks perhaps to no avail; Where does the true germ of compassion hide Replicating itself beneath the monolith of time?

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