Funeral Prayer For The Living Poem by Roshni D'Souza

Funeral Prayer For The Living

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Eternal rest grant unto us, O Lord,
whose hearts although beating
could easily be mistaken as dead;
ever-yearning for a sense of stillness,
but behaving as if bored by rest.

Let perpetual light shine upon us
illuminating corners and crevices
which shut off from You and ourselves
gather divisions, delusions, and more
deceptions than a hornet's nest.

May our souls rest in peace;
not that fallacious, fragile peace
which carries with it all the beauty
of bubbles blown by children;
abundant, but brief at best. Amen!

~ Jon London ~ 21 June 2009

Roshini a truly beautiful moving piece my friend...I loved the gentle voice..very soothing

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David Lessard 16 June 2009

Very nice Roshni! I am moved by your words. I wrote a piece called, For What and For Whom? , regarding death and us, the living. Did you read it? (Please take a look if you haven't) It's a beautiful day in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Feels more like a March day, blustery and somewhat over- cast, pleasant and cool. (70 degrees) We are blessed with good weather here. I found parts of Ohio lovely when I drove through there on one of my dozen or so trips back home to Vermont. Where are you located in the state? -David.

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a fine prayer...for eternal rest...very true some are as good as dead with apumping heart

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Ejaz Khan 15 June 2009

A believe the word prayer for living would have been enough but I do understand your point, indeed a beautiful poem, all piognant and thought-provoking. Unfortunately the kind of peace you long for, is reserved only for the dead.

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