Introspection Poem by Roshni D'Souza


Rating: 5.0

Journey into depth of soul,
slippery slope or mere hell-hole;
taken despite wary warning
finds may cause massive mourning.

Reaching, rasping, regurgitating;
finding, feeling, formulating
thoughts unseen, untold, unknown,
long forgotten and forlorn.

Raped by my own regret;
insulted by my intellect;
scarred by scathing sarcasm;
flailing, falling into chasm.

Beaten, broken, left for dead;
blatant bleeding in my head;
holding heart in trembling hand;
regretting journey in this land.

Journey long and journey cold;
jarring, jolting, journey old;
turning over every stone;
journey taken all alone.

Kesav Easwaran 18 March 2009

a hard journey indeed...good introspection here, Roshni...thanks 10

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Rosalita Fernandez 18 March 2009

powerfully written well done

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Chelsea Brink 18 March 2009

this poem has very powerful imagery. you get your point across well.

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Barry A. Lanier 18 March 2009

really a powerful and evocative description of looking at one's self and having to explore the pain of the conscious and unconscious.....

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Catrina Heart 22 March 2009

Raped by my own regret; insulted by my intellect; -------- Great work and unique poetic lines that are striking to the readers mind...Great read i had...10

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Kannan G 24 March 2010

A rhythmic but revolting, a terse but in-depth introspection! Best wishes.

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it is INTROSPECTIONS in SOLITUDE that lead us to the DEATH of ALL PAST and REBIRTH of the PRESENT HERE and NOW.......... Nice poem, Ms.Roshni. am NEW here and thnx for your visit to my DEBUT poem warm regards -shree

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 30 March 2009

lovely and enchanting! keep writing!

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Meer Mushfique Mahmood 29 March 2009

Your finds causes my massive mourning. I just love it.

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two of my good friend commented below.. they good the words out my mouth

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