I Ran My Car Into God Today Poem by Roshni D'Souza

I Ran My Car Into God Today

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I ran my car into God today;
I thought I had the right of way.
He says He’s suing after all;
Can you believe the Almighty gall.
“What happened to your spiel on Love? ”
“Not right now, Ms. Gilles Villeneuve!
I’ve been trying to get your whole attention;
I’m tired of your so-called good intention! ”
But I have things to do, a schedule to keep;
That Sunday check, it is not cheap!
Clients, family, even a yard,
And a shoddy attempt to be a bard.
But He tells me He’s feeling quite neglected;
Always the last one to be selected.
So I’m thinking “a little TLC”
And, just maybe, I could go scott-free.
I suggest coffee in a couple of days.
“I’m giving up caffeine! ”, so He says.
“So, what are my options? ” I almost yell.
“I thought you’d never ask to tell.
Take Me with you. I’ll ride along! ”
“A ride along? Now that's just wrong!
Will You pick the radio stations too? ”
“Is that too much to ask of you? ”
I threatened I would write about this…
“Go ahead! Won’t be your first hit-and-miss! ”
“Alright! Alright! Just come along,
But don’t say much and don’t sing that song! ”
So in order to prevent litigation,
I’m taking Him along…even on vacation!

Susan Bagley 22 March 2009

Roahni, I LOVE this! It is so so creative and well rhymed and well thought out. You were too harsh on yourself in the email you sent. This is amazing! It was entertaining and said exactly what you wanted it to convey. My congratulations on a job well done! Susan

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Vanita Noronha 24 February 2009

Wow, that's awesome! I had no idea that you can write, that too, so well! Congrats! I must say that you are a lady of many many talents.

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ata khan 24 February 2009

Lucky you Roshni beautifully penned reflects the mood, a content one thanks for sharing

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Jennine G. 20 October 2012

And isn't this just how we treat Him? Full of truth.

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Kesav Easwaran 23 May 2010

clever intelligent imaginative piece of writing...not only on vaction you take Him for a ride through out your life journey...sweet way of truth telling...10

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Nikunj Sharma 17 August 2009

this is amazing work...........gud imagery.........you must be a therapist......

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Tai Chi Italy 02 May 2009

lol I loved this too Roshni! lol If I ran into my god, I'd take him along for the ride too. Never to allow his disembarking sensational praying to leave my side of the road, which by the way, is opposite to yours. Smiling at you Tai

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Rory Hudson 30 April 2009

tee hee.... this is really good, enjoyed it a lot. You manage rhyme, rhythm and good fun all at once, which is not easy.

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