My Apology To The Prostitute Poem by Roshni D'Souza

My Apology To The Prostitute

Rating: 5.0

I stared at you long enough to let our eyes meet
and wondered at your heels on that icy street.
Wondered at services you had already rendered,
either for gain or gratuitously tendered.

Wondered if your payscale is based on fantasy and fetishes
or is it simply a spreadsheet of hourly wishes.
And as I almost bent down, my first stone to pick,
I got a call from a client who makes me quite sick.

Then I started to remember times when I dressed to please;
and even more times when I laughed with too much ease.
As I started to tally my payscale and score,
I had to humbly admit that you're probably worth more.

Slowly, but surely, I started to realize
that, quite often indeed, I serve those that I despise.
If to prostitute is to put to base use for gain,
then I, amongst most, should be first to earn disdain.

Lt Feitosa 22 March 2009

Fantastic rule!

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Reshma Ramesh 18 March 2009

superb write roshini..........................great..........well penned

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premji premji 16 March 2009

Roshni(a shaft of light) into a cursed birth....

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 16 March 2009

You have made poetry out of disdain. A superb poem, Roshni. Keep it up......10/10.

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Kesav Easwaran 16 March 2009

an unusual theme...and a dfferent view point...but frank and honest...good poetic lines make the reader think deep...thanks 10

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Jennine G. 20 October 2012

Beautiful truth about how we should view people through God's eyes - with grace and mercy. That we need not throw the first stone because we hold our own problems.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 24 October 2009

a fantastic have excellently brought out the connection..10

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Kale Beaudry 24 May 2009

If only I could be more original in my response, but everything I've wanted to say has already been said. It's refreshing to see such unique insight delivered with poetic clarity...

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Sonya Florentino 25 April 2009

every one of us, we do 'sell' ourselves in one form or another... an insigthful write...

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Susan Bagley 22 March 2009

Roshni, Your social awareness and depth is very astute and these type poems need to be written. If you look back at the masters of literature they always icorportated current social ills into their characters and story lines. You have done this with your poetry rather than just write about emotions like Love. I applaud you again.

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