You Are Better Poem by Roshni D'Souza

You Are Better

Rating: 5.0

Like Jonah, I run
Because I'm so...
Afraid to see myself through Your eyes,
Afraid to hear myself through Your ears,
Afraid to feel myself through Your touch,
Afraid to know myself through Your truth,
Afraid to love myself through Your heart,
Afraid to forgive myself through Your grace.

Yet, I know You are Better, and...
You see me better than I see myself,
You hear me better than I hear myself,
You feel me better than I feel myself,
You know me better that I know myself,
You love me better than I love myself,
You forgive me better than I forgive myself.

You are Better
Than anything I've ever known
And even though I run, I run like a child
Waiting to be scooped Into Your everlasting arms.

VEER the ultimate boy 22 February 2009

so you put the real feelings and truth of yours through this poem really nice thanks

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Jennine G. 20 October 2012

The repetition serves this poem well - it gives the meaning an extra ring.

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Eyan Desir 30 March 2009

Interestin write my friend

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a beatifully written poem! very true when it comes to feelings. I enjoyed it very much! -Layla

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Martin O'Neill 04 March 2009

I normally run a mile from love poems - but I actually really like this one.

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~ Jon London ~ 01 March 2009

Beautiful ways of loving words that sway down the page

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