Roshni D'Souza Poems

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Blurred Lines

I wake up to the reality of my dreams
To find you woven in every moment, it seems.
Life goes on... simple, sedate;
I seem content enough with my fate.

My Apology To The Prostitute

I stared at you long enough to let our eyes meet
and wondered at your heels on that icy street.
Wondered at services you had already rendered,
either for gain or gratuitously tendered.


Journey into depth of soul,
slippery slope or mere hell-hole;
taken despite wary warning
finds may cause massive mourning.

My Writing Process

No rhyme, no rhythm, no reason;
No song for a special season;
No cause against which to rage;
Just wandering words down the page.

Everything Said And Done

Everything said and done,
the veracity of things left
unsaid and undone
seem to reverberate,

I Ran My Car Into God Today

I ran my car into God today;
I thought I had the right of way.
He says He’s suing after all;
Can you believe the Almighty gall.

You Are Better

Like Jonah, I run
Because I'm so...
Afraid to see myself through Your eyes,
Afraid to hear myself through Your ears,

Do Me A Favor

Kindly do me a favor
while you're still ahead...
Spare me cliches of undying love
even after I'm dead.

Silent Grief, Silent Hope

Over a shallow grave of blood and flesh
a mere fistful of tears are flung.
Brief life with questionable purpose;
unseen, unheard, unsung.


Caught in between contradictions
that make up my obscure life;
ever-hunting for the The Truth
while wielding a liar's knife.

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