~ G-Sharp Soprano ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ G-Sharp Soprano ~

Rating: 4.4

Ms. Nivedita
18 February 2010

Two World Wars
Manhattan Project
Third Reich’s gas chamber
Pearl Harbor
Little Boy Fat Man
Mushroom clouding
Hiroshima Nagasaki
What / Who is wrong / right?

Fall of communism
Split of Soviet Union
Eastern Europe
Firing squared lotteried
For Ceausescu
Stalin’s, Tiananmen Square
Brutal massacre
What / Who is wrong / right?

Nine eleven
Eleven twenty-six
Iraq Vietnam
Carpet and cluster bombing
Peace robbing
What / Who is wrong / right?

Wall Street crash
Global recession warming
Curry bashing by Aussies
Crash Copenhagen summit
What / Who is wrong / right?

Feisty affair of
Queen Victoria-Munshi
Homosexuality of
Shakespeare Elton John
Lesbianist Navratilova
Extramaritalist Clinton Woods
What / Who is wrong / right?

Democracy Autocracy
Socialism Communism
Fundamentalism Monarchism
Anarchism Nudism
Consumerism Libertinism

Trial and error
Acceptance Rejection
Titration from
Below and above seven
To attain
Magic Neutrality Seven.

To find answer
Many contemplative nights
Poets are insomniac.

One night Ms Nivedita
Heard G-Sharp Soprano,
‘Its not confrontation
Between right and wrong
But e’er between
Two Rights’

G-Sharp Soprano
Wise BBC* released Niv from
Smothering contraception
To gravid gumption.
Niv gulped Valium five
Sleeping in quest of
Neutrality Perfect pH 7
Unlike every night.

Courtesy: G-Sharp Soprano.

*BBC = BedBugConcord

Copyright reserved by the author

Omar Ibrahim 15 May 2010

yes every one thinks that he's doing the right thing, so he/she does it...it's a problem of conscience.... concerning wars (iraq/vietnam/hiroshima nagazaki/world war and the fight in palestine) , we shall know that whoever is the first to begin the fight is the bad guy.that's very easy to tell. but concerning the global warming, that's the life cycle..we have to burn fuel to live.Muhammad told the muslims that the life won't end unless the deserts become forests and the forests become deserts..and scientist nowadays said that too because that is what the accumulation of heat will do. thanks for sharing

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Lynn Glover 03 May 2010

Right or wrong, with this poem you have reached new heights. Your friend, Lynn

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Katang Chakravorty 17 April 2010

Once again a deeply contemplative poem…not between right and wrong but between two rights…since dawn of civilization… Poet encompassed Politics Morality Emotion Economy Literati Satire of BBC is befitting Will workable [not absolute] pH 7 come? So Poet can stop gulping Valium five loll… 10++

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Photode Photode 09 April 2010

Right and Wrong …two Rights on these themes our reasoning and thoughts spin and evolute …this evolution is unending and ever improvising [for the optimistic] …highly ethnic, religious, social, demographical, lingual… Over all unique individual idiosyncrasy foible and it is always editable and amendable by proper education WEonderful poetic satire used as BBC = BedBugConcord enjoyed thro’ and thro’ 10++

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BBC hah…hah…hah…wonderful imagination [bed bug is wise wow! ! ] … Neutrality 7 can never be attained… Unlike common men poets are optimistic…what’s wrong to put more butter on imaginative biriany…will cost nothing [Sd Mujtaba Ali] …never hike blood lipid level… [Today’s health freaks buffs] …excellent composition… And for soprano [read wise bedbug] 10++

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Chanda Nsofu 04 November 2011

Realistic.Reminicent of international news.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 25 July 2010

Hon’ble Poet Obed Dela Cruz I welcome your comment/critique…as always Thanks for your kind favor to my poetries Regards niv PS: To my little knowledge every Poet convey thro' poetry subtle/expressive message isn't it? ==== Copy to Obed Dela Cruz

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 25 July 2010

is this your story? ? ? anyway, looking at the way you wrote it, no bad comment....

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Sally Plumb Plumb 29 June 2010

Don't take too much medication.

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Marieta Maglas 18 May 2010

''Firing squared lotteried For Ceausescu'' nice political poem, thank you for sharing 10/10/10

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