~ Goggle Us Still? ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Goggle Us Still? ~

Rating: 4.4

~ Goggle Us Still? ~
Ms. Nivedita
June 23,2010

O' language go
For holidaying.

Sunless melanized
Below bare sky
We’re snuggling.

Ambience abstracted
Undress unmantel
Zephyrus tactile conversation
Affective stare swapping
Voxless harkening
Protoplasm syncretizing
A-one entwining
Zesty zygoting!

Involuting melting
Formless fromless
We’re in unison ideation.
Why language
Goggle us still?

Know not
We’re Honeymooning?

Glossary: With humility some glossary given for what I tried to express.
[1] Melanized ~ Make or become black
[2] Vox ~ Voice
[3] Harkening ~ Listen
[4] Syncretizing ~ Become fused
[5] A-one ~ Of the highest quality
[6] Goggle ~ Look stupidly.

Copyright reserved by author.

Carol Gall 27 July 2010

to me it sounds like a whole delicious meal lol wow niv

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Deepthi Vincent 26 July 2010

Hi Niv, Really enjoyed reading this one....crisp and novel write...you never fail to come up with innovative themes...Thanks for sharing: -)

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‘Concept’…’Wording’…’Weaving’… ‘Tissuing’ and finally ‘Presentation’…in perfect blend…a sizzler and mouth watering cuisine…but such Romance…okay Poet please give us for just a side-glance…by which we can programme our honeymooning…lololouuuud...terrific and of beat poetry…. 10+++

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Vinod Kumar 25 July 2010

Latest ingredients of symbolic dish, nice to experience, thanks a lot 10+

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Marina Gasbey 24 July 2010

I love the alliteration, and repetition in this poem! :) You have found a hole different way to describe that which cannot be described! Very nice indeed! ... Marina Gasbey...

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Ramesh Rai 08 July 2013

how it is if gopgle b our language.most of our problem would have been solved

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Manolo Del Toro 16 December 2010

I can tell by your rating that you are a great poetess. However I am just an uneducated, boring, wannabe, and I am sorry but I don't get it.

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Zack Krzeminski 04 September 2010

i give it a 10 because of its vast intrigue as well as its insanely confusing style im at a loss for words really

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Ken E Hall 06 August 2010

This is like my Oxford dictionary is making love in a syllable abstract way sadly zygote gametes cells are germs, oh english has so many potty words , never the less loved it...regards

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Unwritten Soul 28 July 2010

You are so Original....use some words that rarely used...and u are a poem designer for me, and it original and has own style...different one...and after read some of your poem i think u are very intellect person...u brave to voice what someone dont...take care!

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