Gaza غزة

Gaza has turned an immortal address In the life's poem, That steadfast and bold city has turned into an address of challenging and pride, It is fighting on behalf of our killer Silence and It refused that silence, It is the cities' city and It's the pretty bride that is wed with the Smart and stupid missiles To be or not to be, As long as it has that persistence and that challenge, then It will not die, but On the contrary, It will live to overcome humiliation, to overcome aggressions, and to overcome submission, It is teaching us the meaning of heroism and the meaning of pride because We forgot them for long time, It is donating its pure blood to us Because We need pure blood to replace that blood That runs in some of us, Its schools have turned into ruins to Show ugly barbarism in truth, Its hospitals have turned into piles, and Its mosques were leveled to the ground, But we are still hearing the words ' Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar ', Heavens are receiving the Gaza people in Hundreds everyday and this is an honor to Them given by God, Gaza will not die because it will stay Vigilant until victory, Its address is martyrdom or victory and It does not have a third choice, The world knows the meaning of Gaza and It will know the meaning of Gaza, It has entered history from its widest gates and It has entered the dictionaries to be the True heroism, Blood banks have known the Gazan pure blood and Its people have an address of challenge, Heroism, and the death to aggressions, O Gaza! Peace be upon you! Peace be upon martyrs! I don't have tears to shed more than what Your companions have shed tears, O Gaza! Stand up to take the torch of Freedom in a global Marathon to let the whole globe knows the meaning of heroism, Gaza will not die because it loves the dignity's life, It has restored our pride after it's about to vanish, Only aggressions will vanish and its smart missiles and Gaza will be the symbol of freedom after it has broken all chains that Have tied it to be only. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________