'Get@ Me' Poem by Bernard Snyder

'Get@ Me'

"Get@ Me"

I want you to understand
I'm more than worthy,
there's more to me than writing songs
and poetry,
see I'm quite a gentleman
and I know how to treat a woman right
I won't ever forget your birthday,
your likes or dislikes,
see I'm old school'
I was raised differently from guys you've met
that's why I'm sure they're some things
I can surprise you with,
like taking you on cruises on a regular basis
visiting different countries
dining at exotic places,
shopping at fine stores throughout Beverly Hills
we can go anywhere in the world
depending on how you feel,
I'm not trying to impress you
I'm being honest and up front,
if I was your ‘boo'
you could have whatever you want,
see I want to be the one
to change your cold perception about men
patiently walk with you until you're ready to love again,
so if you feel what I'm saying
and you would like to be happy
my points are well taken
you understand them exactly
then don't waste another minute baby
just come on and get at me!

Bren Bren 09 June 2015

I like that! More than worthy, I would agree!!

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Guy Lip-more 04 August 2012

Bernard..........your writing is for me tells the story plainly, maybe it suits my own interllect as most of my poems are pretty simple words, though I would say your standard is ahead of myself. But really liked this poem.

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Unwritten Soul 30 May 2012

A new poem from you, it's cool as shooting your heart conversations to the head of someone and it sticks on mind..Nice word shutter Bernard here, of course u are as u are a poet..keep writing when u have time_Unwritten Soul

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