Eric Cockrell

Gives A Damn! - Poem by Eric Cockrell

the day i changed
my last name to 'gives a damn',
that's when the trouble began!

why does it make people so mad
when you speak the truth?
and why so uncomfortable

when you admit your mistakes,
take off your mask and stand naked,
revealing that you're human?

and why the anger
when you treat everyone the same?
no favorites, no elite, no righteous!

no political agenda, no religious fervor,
no attempts to convert....
no need to lead or follow,

always walking beside!
equal in suffering, equal in needs,
equal freedom, equal dignity!

anti-war, and anti any government
that abuses, neglects, or terrorizes...
believing that God lives within

every living being,
not in churches, temples, or mosques....
thus believing that all life is holy,

that all beings are sacred!
'gives a damn', and always will!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 22, 2011

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