A Beer And A Shot! Poem by Eric Cockrell

A Beer And A Shot!

Rating: 3.1

a beer and a shot....
two old men sitting
on the stoop. talking...

about old times, jobs,
women, and life....
changing the strings

on a battered old Gibson...
the old dog just happy
to lie at their feet....

the sound of bacon frying,
the clatter of pots and pans....
a hawk soaring in circles

over the fields turned brown...
a couple of songs,
a few flakes of snow....

a beer and a shot,
as time draws short!

Smoky Hoss 20 December 2011

One of life's endearing pictures you have presented here. Beautiful.

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Kaila George 26 May 2014

This reminds me of My father as sits down with his beer reading a paper in front of our old black and white T.V. you would of enjoyed meeting him, thats were I get my storytelling from...my DAD.

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Kevin Lowell 13 January 2014

Lovely image depicted, Eric! A beer and a shot, it is truly the simple the things in life we often neglect.

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Gleb Zavlanov 31 July 2013

This is an enjoyable write. I loved the scene you created. Thanks. Also, I invite you to read and comment.

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Karen Sinclair 20 August 2012

Wonderufl eric, the beers and shots all melt into one as time flies past those three engrossed in life intricacies..... Loved the scenes laid down specifically or primarilyfields turned brown which later get visited by snow tyvm karen

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Kathleen West 20 December 2011

We all need to pause and take a beer and a shot and enjoy life.....before we know it, we'll be like those old men... good poem. Kathleen

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