9/11, And The Days After Poem by Eric Cockrell

9/11, And The Days After

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how many died that day
at the World Trade Center?
how many died
in the field?

and how many have died...
how many young boys
sent off to war?
how many citizens of Iraq?
how many women and children?

how many deaths
does it take for
us to finally understand?

killing is wrong!
one death does not
justify another!
murder does not
heal wounds...
or bring back
loved ones.....

one decade later....
and we still dont understand
the value of life...
and therein lies
the cause for mourning,
and the sadness!

Eric Souza 25 November 2011

What a great poem! ! !

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Sylvia Lukeman 27 December 2011

Your poem should be read out in school classrooms, places of worship, everywhere there are thinking caring people.If only more people held the views in your poem.I certainly do I wish you strength and courage in all that you do. You are welcome to visit my poetry in friendship Sylvia .

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Sylva Portoian 19 May 2012

We should stop wars... A clear massage from every poet... From every site... and from you... A Honest Human... We are all humans... We should stop wars in every terrain Sound of wars are never... fun...!

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Pete Rivera 04 November 2011

This is a beautiful poem =) I also have a poem about 9/11, in case you are interested in reading it =) The title is simply '9/11' =)

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 December 2021

Grandest poem about that evil day and likewise on other fields where wars occurred and inhabitants died, on so many places, spots and spaces, like at the World Trade Center, scintillating poem 5 Stars full on Top, Sir.

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Kaila George 26 May 2014

You say in such a simple way that makes us want to cry at what you write...sigh.

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Roseann Shawiak 05 January 2014

Great poem - our sentiments agree on this tragedy. Two of my cousins worked in the WTC - luckily one was away from the office, the other one was there, but escaped with a hurt knee. So very lucky - both of them. You're welcome to read my poems on 9/11 if you'd like. Thank you for sharing your poem with us. RoseAnn.

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Two smoking elegant towers Several leaping living bodies Shards of glass and concrete Wailing sirens, wailing men The devils painting is now complete (Good poem Sir - Like you I also dream of a world sans violence and a planet which is a brief picnic spot for us mortals to enjoy and leave in peace when the time comes.)

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Guy Lip-more 02 May 2013

Agreed..........says it all...........good write.

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