A Child Is Dying Poem by Eric Cockrell

A Child Is Dying

Rating: 4.8

for every tree you cut down,
a child is dying.
for every barrel of oil that
you drill and spill,
a child is dying.
for every coal mine you
rape the earth with,
a child is dying.
for all the nuclear waste
you cannot dispose of,
a child is dying.

for every country you bomb,
a child is dying.
for every chemical you spray
on your vegetables,
a child is dying.

for every river you dam & drain,
a child is dying.
for every oil field you own,
a child is dying.

for every animal you drive
to the brink of extinction,
a child is dying.
for every smokestack, every sweatshop,
and every synthetic thought,
a child is dying.

for every tree you cut down....

Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 23 December 2015

This is a great message, a serious message.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 23 August 2014

A great message save earth save a child 'cause child is a man or woman ..stop destroying the earth for silly or fun sake we must bear in mind and must make print to act and make a guide asocial map

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Wahab Abdul 12 May 2012

good thought, nice expression

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David Gerardino 30 December 2011

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Jinal Oswal 16 September 2011

So true, every direct action affects you directly or indirectly. Keep writing, you are amazing.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 December 2021

Excellent poem and so touching.5 Stars full for this lovely poem. I am very happy for you that you are chosen by PoemHunter and Team as The Poet Of The Day! CONGRATULATIONS, SIR!

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Kiran Pillai 26 May 2018

very beautiful and powerful message.

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alan brown 07 April 2018

we are slowly destroying our delicate world. when will we finery learn. enjoyed your poem Alan

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Saji G Praleyagiri 17 October 2017

Dear Eric a fantastic poem & we have more or less similar concept about nature as i depict in my poem' Beings' Silent Request' U may read Thank U for sharing the poem

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Pietro 6 16 January 2016

Straight to heart Mr Eric. Poetry and music rhey bring strong messages

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