Global Warming Poem by Alexander Julian

Global Warming

Global warming exists.
Without it, summer wouldn't exist- Earth would always be cold.
Each human is like a small star probing the globe.
Anyone who doesn't believe that global warming exists is a pseudo-modern.
Just a balloon which flies up into the sky changes in temperature.
Clouds spread out in vast groups and thunder strikes.
Isn't lightning kind of hot?
Zeus should be a god who knows a thing or two about global warming.
My breath comes in and out at varied heat of mouth.
Wind passes by a fence at room temperature, making it hotter or colder.
Gravity shares vague ties to global warming.
This concept doesn't fit in with a stubborn mortal.
Negative judgement will have to be stated here along my tailpieces.
Campfire after campfire burns and Earth sweats- any questions?
So, Earth warms up, Earth has a globe, and, globe from Earth, it receives heat.
Literature must improve our understanding.
One has to see enough into his or her own words for appreciating this relation.
Himalayan salt and Italian roast beef add some spice to my life.
Devils are more responsible for global warming- hell would freeze over.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: cloud,dreaming,global,life,love,love and dreams,pollution,sky,skyward,spiritual
Crayon Poet 26 September 2019

Earthquakes aren't caused by bomb-testing heat, but by the percussive damage atomic detonations inflict on crust layers. We are not heating this planet - we don't know how and never will.

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Alexander Julian 26 September 2019

I've got an idea- wildfires!

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Crayon Poet 25 September 2019

I like this poem since mankind couldn't heat this planet on purpose, let alone by accident. Of course, politically motivated hysteria is a scam designed to constrain progress in free nations which ought to remain sovereign.

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Alexander Julian 25 September 2019

No. Earlier this year, North Korea was getting a lot of earthquakes because of the hot nuclear bombs they were testing. We're warming the planet.

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