A Child's Reflection Poem by yoonoos peerbocus

A Child's Reflection

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Made homeless from home
Bombed city where though many
Extend an armless arm, find it harder
To hold peace than explosives
In a napalmed land
Where arms are more expensive
Than human hands.As home
bred exile I learn to follow safety
through blood on the road
lit flashed by bomb-light,
To grow under a chemical sky
Dripping with nuclear fall outs
Flowing to other poison
Poured daily on earth and mind -
Today planet earth, tomorrow the stars.
How sad man who dreams of a home
In hereafter, can't share their warmth
To each other's heart, here and now
On native home land EARTH.

A Child's  Reflection
Matthew Martin 05 July 2017

This is garbadge! It is not poetry buy merely self indulgence.Poetry is not a vehicle for self it is an act and a stage a troop of playerars that take you to a world of invention and wonderful possibility that opens up the truth about who we realy are! We dont need lectures and perceptive sound bites, we need empty vistas, gloriously unsung valleys and people we dont even know about it yet.

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Nikki Smith 09 November 2012

Love it. It reminded me of world war II and all the air raids. Very nicely written

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Rajnish Manga 12 February 2015

Truly a sad commentary on the physical and mental environment created by man in the name of development or hegemony. This is a wake up call.

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Ade Renny Damayanti 04 August 2012

its true and sad too...so touchy...i like the expression! ! !

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Erika Wingo 20 September 2012

Oh my, what a sad truth and stark reality. So gracefully written and digs deep into you.

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Jaishree Nair 18 February 2021

War brings nothing but destruction and still mankind resorts to warfare to solve problems...The conundrum beautifully expressed.

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David Wood 12 December 2020

Deeply moving heartfelt poem of great character. I cannot understand why mankind cannot live on peace and harmony. Thank you.

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Charles Jagongo Ogola 02 October 2020

Done brilliantly and the message is so clear.

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Phillip Nine Mafunga 17 July 2020

How sad that we have prioritise weapons of war to life preservation

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Savita Tyagi 06 August 2019

This is the cry of every heart. So touches the heart and mind with sheer pain to imagine the living of a war torn city.

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