God Poem by Langston Hughes


Rating: 3.8

I am God—
Without one friend,
Alone in my purity
World without end.
Below me young lovers
Tread the sweet ground—
But I am God—
I cannot come down.
Life is love!
Love is life only!
Better to be human
Than God—and lonely.

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: God
Tomas Prato 26 December 2016

Absolutely third rate and boring. Langston was a loner and a loser.

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Good guy 13 February 2018

What's wrong with you?

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Zoukini 28 February 2018

You are definitely not god you piece of smelly crap

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]: -( 17 February 2019

He's putting himself in God's point of view. Maybe God is lonely? Maybe he wishes he could experience life such as we do? ? Don't disrespect a remarkable poet and writer such as Langston ever again.

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Tom Allport 12 February 2017

a thoughtful poem about god and god alone?

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gay homosexual 08 December 2021

this is giving gay undertones, im just saying

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 July 2020

Life is love! Love is life only! Better to be human Than God—and lonely. A thought out poem, rationally done poetic fun,

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Paresh Chakra 27 November 2018

It is a good poem 10+++++++

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Gennesy 02 May 2018

i love the poem keep up the good work! ! !

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Tazzy 02 April 2018

Since I believe in the Trinity, I know God is never lonely. But I love how Hughes takes the time to explore what it might be like to be God and think about how he might feel in God's place. He wasn't afraid to think about his faith, or what he believed, and to ask questions. And he asked his best questions in poems.

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