God Gave Me You Poem by Rommel Filoteo

God Gave Me You

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As I would remember the time
When I asked the Lord before we've met,
To give me someone that I could love with all my heart
And would love me in return,
Someone I can grow old with
To spend that rest of my imperfect life,
Someone who I can lean on,
Someone who will give me comfort,
And someone whom I can spend for the rest of my life
Through all ups and downs of my life,
God gave me you.
I thank Him that for all the millions of women here,
He leads you to me.
I promise that whatever struggles or trials
We have to endure in our relationship,
I would still hold on to our love
Because I believe that,
This is just the way of God
To teach us to be strong and faithful to each other.
Again and again, we will still be together
Start a new life to with a better future ahead of us.
I thank God for you and thank you for being you.
I love you now and I'm sure I'll love you even more tomorrow....

Sandra Fowler 22 January 2008

All precious, everlasting things come from above. Very moving.May you and your loved one enjoy many tomorrows. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Ewigi Liebe 21 January 2008

Rommel, the words flowing so beautiful and I love it so much...thanks for sharing. Best regards, Mary

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beautiful love poem, thanks for sharing

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Eivzul Acijom 16 January 2008

I love every word of it........coz i love the writer. Thank you!

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Vilma Xelin 15 January 2008

The girl who share her life with you will be very lucky...

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