God Help Me I'm Drowning Poem by Sandiso Mhlanga

God Help Me I'm Drowning

Rating: 5.0

God, help me, I'm drowning in the depths,
Lost in the sea of my own regrets.
The waves crash upon my weary soul,
As I struggle to find a sense of control.

In this vast ocean of despair,
I'm gasping for breath, I'm filled with fear.
The weight of life's burdens pulling me down,
I need Your divine hand, Your presence profound.

I've wandered far from the righteous path,
In pursuit of illusions that never last.
Now I'm adrift in this tempestuous storm,
Longing for solace, to be transformed.

Oh, God, hear my plea in this troubled hour,
Extend Your mercy, unleash Your power.
Lift me from these depths, this suffocating tide,
Guide me to the shore, where peace abides.

Wrap me in Your love, like a life-saving raft,
Rescue me from the shadows of my past.
Cleanse my weary heart, make me whole again,
Grant me forgiveness, release all my pain.

In Your boundless grace, I find sanctuary,
A haven where my soul can rest, be free.
With each breath I take, I'll trust in Your might,
Knowing that You'll lead me to the light.

So, God, help me, I'm drowning in despair,
Reach out Your hand, show me You're always there.
Through the raging waters, I'll rise above,
For in Your embrace, I find unwavering love.

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