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If I could change what I did, I could
Undo mistakes that once seemed good
Regretful thoughts fill up my mind
As I long for a chance to rewind

Freedom Day, a day to celebrate
When chains were broken, when we became great
A time when shackles fell to the ground
And we were no longer bound

God, help me, I'm drowning in the depths,
Lost in the sea of my own regrets.
The waves crash upon my weary soul,
As I struggle to find a sense of control.

In dawn's embrace, a verse is born,
A melody of thoughts for morn.
With ink and quill, I'll paint the skies,
And weave a tapestry of sunrise.

Love at first sight, a fabled tale,
But in your eyes, it did prevail.

A single glance, a moment's time,

Help me, oh dear world, I plead
For I feel lost, alone, and in need
Of a guiding light to lead me right
Through the darkest of this frightful night

When I thought life was getting better,
The world turned upside down.
My dreams and hopes were shattered,
As chaos and despair came to town.

I thought I was worth it,
A precious gem in a sea of stones,
But now I see the truth,
And I am left alone.

I thought you were my friend,
The one I could always depend
On through thick and thin,
But now it seems our bond is thin.

The Best Poem Of Sandiso Mhlanga

If I Could Change What I Did

If I could change what I did, I could
Undo mistakes that once seemed good
Regretful thoughts fill up my mind
As I long for a chance to rewind

Every action has a consequence
Some that bring joy, others that cause offense
The road I took seemed right at the time
But now I wish I could press rewind

There are moments that haunt my soul
Moments where I lost control
Things I wish I could take back
But time relentlessly marches forward, never slack

Oh, how I wish I could change
The choices I made, the paths I took, so strange
But alas, it's all in the past
And I'm left with memories that last

Yet, I must remember to forgive
And allow myself to live
Learning from my mistakes and moving on
For that's where true growth is born

So, though I can't undo the past
I'll hold my head high and make it last
Learning from my mistakes and becoming anew
For that's all I can do.

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Sandiso Mhlanga Quotes

'Life is a rollercoaster of moments, some may bring us to the highest of highs while others may plummet us to the lowest of lows. But it is in the midst of these ups and downs that we learn, grow, and discover the strength within ourselves to navigate through any situation.''

'Healing a broken heart is like mending a shattered vase. It takes time, patience, and a steady hand, but with enough care and love, it can be put back together into something even more beautiful than before.'

'Failure isn't a bad thing, it's simply a detour on the road to success. It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and pivot towards a better path. Embrace your failures as valuable lessons, and let them guide you towards your greatest achievements.'

'Every day is an opportunity to start fresh, to be better than the person you were yesterday, and to make a positive impact on the world around you. Life is a journey, and each day is a new step on that journey. So take that step with purpose, with passion, and with a willingness to learn and grow. Embrace the challenges that come your way, for they are opportunities in disguise. And never forget to show kindness and compassion to those you meet along the way, for we are all in this together. So let your light shine bright, let your love radiate out into the world, and let each day be a testament to the incredible potential within each and every one of us.'

'Freedom Day is a reminder that the struggle for freedom is never easy, but always worth it. It is a celebration of the courage and resilience of those who fought for liberty, often at great personal cost. But it is also a time to reflect on the ongoing work required to maintain and expand freedom for all. We must never take for granted the precious rights and opportunities that we enjoy, and we must continue to stand up for those who are still fighting for their own freedom. On Freedom Day, let us honor the past, live in the present, and work towards a future where every person can enjoy the blessings of liberty and justice.'

'When you feel like you're drowning in the depths of life's challenges, remember that God's hand is always reaching out, ready to lift you up and guide you to the shores of hope and renewal.'

'Each morning holds a secret, whispered by the sunlit skies, and it is through poetry that we unravel the enchantment, capturing its essence in words.'

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