God The Word Poem by Gary James Smith

God The Word

God The Word

God the Word what wonderful expression
The Creator became the Son
And walked His earth in humbleness
Until His mission was done
With a comprehension beyond our own
His ways and thoughts are always wise
He still gives grace to repentant heart's
And rescues us from sins device

He brought death unto the awareness of
That is didnt set men's final doom
For hallelujah three days after Christ's death
Praise God was the empty Tomb
Now wonderfully life had a blessed Hope
Aliveness in the person of the Son
Still front and centre as the name above all names
Praise God for that Crucified One!

Who ventured to where He was hated
Mocked and spite upon by men
Bearing a Crown of thorns for me
And bearing those same thorns for them
Never such a condition as lostness
And being devoid of God's love for all men
Who carried such a torch of compassion
That we might be born again!

Don't let Satan contine to blind you
But open your eyes to see
There's life in a look at the Crucified One
The whole reason for Calvary
' It is finished! ' still is ringing
O hear its echoing
Put your faith in the Lord Jesus today
And you'll cause the angels to sing! ! !

For faith cometh by hearing
And hearing by the Word of God
You can be saved by grace through faith today
Your good works will do you no good
But come having saving faith
In that One who did all the suffering for you
Who still stands with welcoming arms of love
For those who will trust in that Saviour too!

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
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